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Low Chrome Alloyed Grinding Balls

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Products Description
H&G is the  supplier offering the full range of grinding balls in particular and grinding media in general: cast and forged, low and high chromium, balls/boulpebs/rods and  grinding beads and balls.

In mineral processing Industry, we deal with various natural ores through mills :

  • Iron
  • Platinum
  • Gold 
  • Copper
  • Bauxite
  • Lead – Zinc
  • Rock phosphate
  • Metal slag
  • Coal
 Processing Technique
Intermediate frequency furnace smelting high-quality steel scrap and mix chromium based on requirement.
Constant temperature casting process ensuring the quality, no solid nonmetallic impurity, no pore, no mal-roundness etc. Annealing process changing the internal organizational structure, lowering the breakage, and improving the performance.
After the Pre-furnace test, semi-finished products and finished products inspection was done by advanced spectrometer and durometer imported from Germany.

Chemical Elements
Name Chemical Elements (%)
C Si Mn Cr Mo Cu P S
Low Cr Balls 2.1-3.6 ≤1.5 0.3-1.5 1-6 0-1.0 0-0.8 ≤0.1 ≤0.1

Physical Property & Microstructure
Name HRC Ak(J/cm2) Microstructure Times of Falling Balls
Low Cr Balls ≥46 ≥2.5 P+C ≥10000
P-Pearlite C-Carbide

Size & Weight
Size(mm) Weight(kg/pc) Quantity(pc/t) Size(mm) Weight(kg/pc) Quantity(pc/t)
Φ30 0.11 9091 Φ90 2.90 345
Φ40 0.25 3891 Φ100 4.00 250
Φ50 0.50 2000 Φ110 5.30 188
Φ60 0.86 1153 Φ120 6.80 147
Φ70 1.37 729 Φ130 7.70 129
Φ80 2.05 487 Φ140 8.74 114

Note: Any need to adjust the chemical elements, or add alloying element, it would be agreed with contract.

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