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White iron Liner

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Products Description
Products Description:
High Chrome alloyed casting iron in general refers to the alloy white iron with the chromium content at 12%~26%, the carbon content at 2.0%~3.6%. Its distinctive features is that the M7C3 type eutectic carbide micro hardness is HV1300~1800. The eutectic carbide is distributed on the base, martensite(the most hard metal matrix organization), in discontinuous network and isolation, which reduces the fragmentation of the matrix effect. As a result, the high chromium mill liner has high strength, strong toughness and good wear resistance features , which is widely used at Mining ,Cement and power industry .
White iron liner is recommended to be using at low impact working condition such as :
1. Belt converyor liner for Miing industry.
2. Cemeng plant ball mill .
3. Chemical industry ball mill .

White iron Liner
Chemical Elements
Name Chemical Elements (%)
C Si Mn Cr Mo Cu P S
High Cr Liner 2.0-3.3 0-0.8 ≤2.0 12-26 ≤3.0 ≤1.2 ≤0.06 ≤0.06
Physical Property & Microstructure
Name HRC  Ak(J/cm2) Microstructure
High Cr Liner ≥58 ≥3.5 M+C+A
M-Martensite      C- Carbide     A-Austenite

Note: Any need to adjust the chemical elements, or add alloying element, it would be agreed with contract.

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